Market Space

Technology that makes the creation and safe development of a business simple, understandable and affordable

  • Software
  • Audio and video content
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Services
  • Tickets
  • Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Good for children
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • Appliances
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Cars
Smart chat bots

The technology of integrated smart chat-bots that automate the basic business processes for Market Space ecosystem participants

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology, which optimizes the business processes of platform users and automates the process of their financial management

Blockchain technology

Allows to decentralize the work of Market Space, as well as, reducing the costs of cross-border transactions and making business processes completely transparent

MS Ads

A large-scale intra-platform advertising service built on artificial intelligence technologies allows for Market Space business users to conduct large-scale advertising and promotional campaigns.

Market Space offers:


Create a store of any size and type with the help of a chat bot (including a store consisting of one product).


Offer not only any goods, but also any kind of services: tutoring, builder, music teacher or horoscopes.


Sell any tickets, tours or goods for the house.


Place a large store with thousands of product items and a chat room to communicate with customers.


Using AI, it is easy to find the right products in various stores.


Trade outside your city, region and country.


Find the nearest restaurant, read the menu and book a table.


Buy products using cryptocurrency.


Get analytics for trading with cryptocurrencies.


Receive cashback for personal purchases.

Market Space Token

The internal unit of account of Market Space and Its Capabilities

Market Space Token (market abbreviation MST) is a utility-token of the Market Space ecosystem, it gives access to users of the platform to use its functionality. The architecture of Market Space and the methods of using the MST token are designed with a focus on securing their funds. Market Space Token - in White Paper § 9.

Roadmap Market Space


Development of the bot platform for creating a trade and financial Market Space platform


Alpha version of Market Space


Beta version of Market Space
Launch of public sale of tokens, initial emission of Market Space Token (MST) and their distribution


  • The key partner and main developer of Market Space and chatbot platforms is Synesis, Minsk. A world-class developer who has created billion-dollar projects (such as Viber) is the key to rapid development and the latest solutions in the field of mobile applications.


Valery Ostrikov
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder,
Member of the Board of Directors
Alexander Kachanovsky
Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder,
Member of the Board of Directors
Natalia Arshavskaya
Chief Visionary Officer, Co-founder,
Member of the Board of Directors
Bruno Horn
Chief Financial Officer,
Member of the Board of Directors
Dmitrij Nazarov
Chief Legal Officer,
Member of the Board of Directors
Michael Jordan
Senior Managing Director America's,
Member of the Board of Directors
Ekaterina Averyanova
Chief Marketing Officer
Denis Galka
Team Lead of Developers
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